Press identification: old series C&P

Hi print buddies!
I just bought another press and tried looking up the serial number on the standard chart and I’m not finding it. Does anyone have another resource besides the chart attached below? This is the press I’m trying to find the year for:

10x15 Chandler and Price - old series - serial number C5759

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Here is the chart I have where the number is missing

Looking at the chart on the Hern Iron works website, it looks like your press was made in 1910

@BComstock: Thanks for letting me know there is a different chart on their site, but I still don’t see C5759 on there (for 1910 or any other year). This is the page I’m looking at: Am I on the right site?

They just have the starting serial number listed for the year. So anything between that number and the next year falls in between. So 1910 starts at C5201 and runs to C6473 since 1911 starts at C6474. If that makes sense.

Ahhhhhh! That totally makes sense. Thanks so much for clarifying. :)