Hamilton School Press & Materials Cabinet No 19188-X

Price lowered to $500.00!
Top is solid 3/4 in. Oak large enough (24 1/2 x 49 1/2) to take a Pilot Press. Cabinet has 12 sloping shelves for galleys 8 3/4 x 13in., one drawer with compartments for storing Pilot Lever Press Roller, one drying rack drawer, chase rack for five Pilot Press Chases and two bins for paper stock. Cabinet is in fairly good used condition. I removed 95% of the paint from the top (which was the only painted surface on this cabinet) Cabinet is also 3/4 in. Oak. Cabinet could use some additional tender loving care. Cabinet is solidly built should you be interested in refinishing exterior; it could look like new.
I’d love to find this piece of equipment a loving home. This is a rare find and would be a great addition for a Pilot press owner with room in their shop/studio to show off this beautiful piece of furniture.
For Sale at lowered price of $500.00

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