Pilot Rollers & Trucks

Does anyone know the specifications for the rollers & trucks that should be on a C&P Pilot Press? Roller diameter, surface length, core size & length.
Truck diameter, width & hole size?
I don’t think this has ever been asked, but maybe it has & I missed it.
I’m just curious what should have or would have been on the Pilot when it came from the factory.

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Have I asked a question for which no one knows the answer?

Bob -

I have just completed resurrecting a New Series Pilot which had original rollers and has the original trucks. I’ll get you some dimensions.

I have posted a photo of them at http://nodeadlines.com/cgi-bin/miva_p/myphotos/ExcelsiorPress/myphotos.m... and will get back to you here with the dimensions.

I am also working on an Early Series Pilot for a new printer. On her press, we are using Fritz Klinke’s teflon trucks. I’ll add some photos of them shortly.

- Alan

I still have not gotten rollers or trucks for my Old Style Pilot Press. I have been in a ruff financial situation so I put it on hold for now. It’s amazing how much difference there is in price from dealer to dealer. It makes one wonder if they are selling the right parts or just something that may work. That’s why the question about specifications for the original parts. So far Fritz has the best prices.

rollers and trucks canbe purchased thruo American Printing Equipment and supply co N, Y, dDan Humphries

I have tried to email them twice & got not response.