Help with Woodtype IDs

I have been sorting through boxes of wood type trying to match sets and ID them. Any help is greatly appreciated.
The first photo I believe is a Gothic Double Extra Condensed 15 line.
The second one can’t figure out. It is an 8 line.
The third one looks very similar to Jenson Old Style 6 line but the W is not the same.
The forth one I thought might be some type of Caslon but the Q is completely different. It is a 10 line. This has a Hamilton branding.
The fifth one is very similar to 8 line Clarendon Lightface but there are some subtle differences.

We have a laser and just recently got a CNC machine so we are going to try our hand at making replacement letters for these sets so we are trying to find the proper typeface. Thank you again for any help and suggestions.

image: 07GothicDoubleExtraCondensed15Line.jpg


image: 08Unk8line.jpg


image: 09Jenson6line.jpg


image: 10NotCaslon10Line.jpg


image: 05ClarendonLightfaceComposite.jpg


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Third one’s Jenson; fourth one’s Cheltenham Medium; Fifth one’s Century Bold caps, but the figures are from something else.

Thank you Frank. The fifth one is a composite and I have 2 sizes. The figures I printed from the smaller set because it had more types. I appreciate the help.

The second font is Wm. H. Page Co.’s #501, shown in a specimen called “new process wood type,” meaning that the letters were die cut.

Thank you Darrell