Windmill Rollers/ How to get roller bearings and trucks off the cores?

So we got a new Heidelberg Windmill, and all I know is that when it left it’s old home, it had a pair of nice (rubber?) rollers, and when it had made the hour + drive to our shop, they had melted. I don’t mean they got a little soft- the things completely melted!. It looked like someone had just poured a can of black ink out on them, with about half of it having splattered on the press. I suppose I should have taken the rollers off before we moved them but I hadn’t guessed that this was one of the possible outcomes. Why did this happen? It was on a flatbed truck (exposed to the elements), but it was a relatively mild day- overcast and occasionally sprinkling. The rollers had been used (as I understand) no more than a few weeks before I took possession of it. So the two obvious possibilities in my mind (extreme heat and long term disuse) may be ruled out. Any thoughts?

All of which IS water under the bridge, as I just happen to have a spare set. But then there are the roller bearings and trucks I can’t get off one of the melted rollers. In the case of one roller, the bearings/ trucks slipped off fine. But on the other roller, they don’t budge. According to the operating manual on (pg. 83) there should be a “bearing pressing device” on the back of the press, just to the left of the oiling instructions plate. This device is not on my Windmill. There ARE two threaded holes for small bolts towarded the top of that area, so is it likely that it’s simply been removed (WHY?!) or is it located in a different area on my press (which seems to be a mid 50’s redball model)? If I don’t have this device, how should I get the bearings/ truck s off with out messing them up (scratching up the bearings with pliers, etc)?

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