11x7 Golding Pearl Oldstyle No. 3 platten press + cabinets

Press and cabinets in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Local pickup only.

Heart-shaped treadle still intact. Missing a spring in the back that I’ve replaced with something serviceable from Home Depot. But otherwise in fantastic shape, working condition, packed timpan with nice rollers, ready to print! We did our Christmas cards in November, so it’s road worthy. This lovely thing was found in a basement in Pennsylvania thanks to a tip-off from the late great Dave Churchman, an old friend who I dearly miss. He thought it might have been ditched by counterfeiters who left in a hurry. $2,500 CAD OBO.

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/argusgriffin/90W08y

*Cabinets Sold*

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