Help Please: Rollers for Superior/Which kind to buy?

This plea/post is intended as a supplement of sorts to the question I posted in the General Discussion topic area.

Basically, I need rollers for my newly acquired CMC Superior and am in need of some expertise regarding roller types: Which is best? Composition? Vinylith? Rubber?

Kindly share your thoughts and personal experiences/preferences. If you have psychic musings, share those too! I need to start printing!

Thanks in advance!

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I strongly urge you to stay away from the Vinyl rollers. They might well be inexpensive, but they are wildly unpredictable. One day you will open the roller box and they will be: a) hard as a carp having all the tack of a semi tire; or b) will be settled in one corner of the box looking much as a spilled jug of molasses. ‘Useless’ sums them up well.
Composition will provide the best ink transfer, They are, however, delicate in form and require great care in handling and cleaning. They mar easily, and cannot be left laying atop a desk or (shudder) type for even an instant. They are the best.
Rubber is the hardiest. But it, too, requires careful handling. Use only approved cleansers (kerosene being the best - eschew the Crisco crowd), and store in a box having proper support.
In my opinion.

Thank you, Laurence! Any and all advice is welcomed!