Large Signpress

Seeking a large Signpress! Ideally I’m after either of these two bedplate sizes: 30x45 or 22x28. I’d also consider 15x30 or 14x22.

I’d love if this press had an inking carriage and adjustable pressure, but I’m open to a model that is more simplified! I’m interested in “good” condition presses and also ones that need TLC/Refurbishment.

I’m located in Montana and I am seeking a press in my region of the Northwest and Pacific Northwest—but again I am open to a road trip. I’ll pay cash or we can work out a trade since I have a few little tabletop presses and proof presses that I am willing to barter with. And if you happen to like the artwork I make I’m open to trading with my artwork and cash!

I’ve attached a few photos of the sign presses I’m looking for. I’m particularly interested in the “masterprinter” model! But I’d love a good showcard, signmaster, sears, morgan, etc… if it’s large enough.

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image: large_01.JPG


image: Large_02.JPG


image: Large_03.jpeg


image: Large_04.jpg


image: Large_05jpeg.jpeg