Evans Job press

I posted this on Facebook and didn’t get any more information so I am posting here to see if anyone here who isn’t on Facebook knows anything. I purchased this Evans Job press recently. I have never seen another one and wonder if anybody on here has? Or, if you know something about them, or know of a catalog or ad where there might be a picture. Anything would be helpful. The manufacturer was William Evans out of Philadelphia.

Date on press is 1875. Chase size is 6” x 9.75” Base held small type cases.

image: evans.jpg


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I have a photocopy of one of their catalogs, undated of course, showing a couple of table top presses and the usual type specimen. On the last page is an engraving of your press but it’s mounted on probably the shipping crate it came in like Golding and Novelty presses. This photocopy probably came to me from Dave Peat. On the last page is a rubber stamp reading Therian Mills Historitcal Library. Google sent me to Eleutherian Mills Historical Library in Wilmington, Del.
If you would like me to recopy this and send a copy to you I’d be happy to. I do not have your snail mail address.

John Horn
[email protected]

There’s quite a bit about Evans and his presses in Elizabeth Harris’ “Personal Impressions.” I’m surprised you don’t have this book.


Thank you, message sent.