Mystery fillagree face

I’ve paged through McGrew, a 1934 ATF Specimen book, an 1882 Bruce’s specimen book, and all of the usual websites to try to identify this face. Can’t find it. I printed some to see if anyone recognizes it.

image: fillagree.jpg


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This has the look of type from the 1860s-70s, though it could be a bit older or newer than that.
I have looked off & on since you posted this, but haven’t found it in my resources and some on-line sources. It could help to know if there is a pin mark with a foundry name or symbol on the side of the type, though some type has no marks. Otherwise, you can search in some of the type specimen books listed in this site:

Thanks for looking. There is a pin mark on the side of each piece of type that looks like a cross inside of a circle. I’m attaching an image that is 50x magnification. This is a clear, unabraded one from the Latin AE ligature.

image: type side mark.png

type side mark.png

Your photo made this search so much easier. The cross pinmark indicates the type foundry of Farmer, Little & Co. of New York. A five-minute search of the 1867 Farmer, Little (White) specimen book (from the previously mentioned website) shows your typeface on pp.249-250. It’s simply called Black Ornamented. Here is a link to that page:

image: OrnamentedBlack.jpg


I’m forever grateful that you were able to track this down! I had no idea that we had any type that was that old. And seeing the lower case letters for the first time is really helpful for me since it pushes me towards grouping it with our Blackletter faces.