C&P Craftsman Cutter Moving Advice

Hi all,
I’m getting a C&P Craftsman manual cutter but I’m not sure how best to transport it. The current owner says they think it was carried down into their basement in two pieces but can’t remember how it came apart/went back together. I haven’t been able to inspect it myself so I wanted to see if it really would come apart as that would make getting it up a flight of stairs much easier. Current owner doesn’t know the model # but pictures are attached. Also, any idea how heavy it might be? I’m thinking 600lb or so? Thanks!

image: unnamed.jpeg


image: unnamed2.jpeg


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To be safe, remove the knife. Pretty sure the table comes off. The handle is vulnerable, so take it off.

I don’t think the table just comes off. As I’ve seen it done, you disassemble and remove the frame from around the table. It is a complicated reassembly and squareness derives from it.
You can probably remove the lever assembly and the blade holder to reduce weight.

Remove the cutter blade and store it safely. There should be some sort of blade carrier or a board with a couple of bolts.

Remove the hand wheel/screw assembly for the backstop.

Remove the back stop and the measuring tape.

The bed can be removed by removing four or six bolts underneath the bed that hold it to the main frame. Needless to say but the bed is heavy but it can be removed by sliding it out the back of the main frame.

After reassembly, the tape and backstop will need to be adjusted to the proper measurement.

Thanks so much for all your advice, it’ll be very helpful when the time to move comes. I’ll definitely remove the blade, lever and hand wheel. Hopefully I can figure out taking off the table as well.