18pt S&B typeface identification

I have been sorting through some mixed cases of type and came across this, which has a pin mark from Stephenson Blake wondered if anyone has any ideas as I couldn’t find it in any catalogues online.

Larger image here:


image: D6867976-E63C-444C-8990-F8987353F360.jpeg


image: A34DD7D6-7982-439A-AFDF-EE7A5B06AACB.jpeg


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I think its called Engravers Titling

I’ve got an SB specimen book in front of me date 1963.the spiral bound one, and its called Engravers ROMAN. I myself have Engravers TITLING and thats the UK Monotype version
series 147. Both went in for two faces on a given body size,
indeed Monotype castings sold by Moudtype Ltd over here ran to FOUR sizes for 6 and 12, three for 18 and two for 24.
With varied nicks to help sorting! I would say that while closely similar the Mono version ismaybe a whisker lighter or sort of sharper. You never see it nowadays but it used to
be for Share Certificates, Lawyers letterheads, and some
financial trade work.

Thank you both so much for your insight, I have been scouring through all of the SB catalogues I have access to online and haven’t been able to come across Engravers Titling or Engravers Roman; any Engravers faces I have come across have had that distinctive slice in the R in which the type I have does not.

I’d love to be able to have a look at that page in your book if you are able to share a photo harrlidplaten.

It was just a guess from my 75 year old memory, I have now found my type books under my nose all the time, yes it is Engravers Roman in S&B book, I have put pictures of similar faces from Mouldtype, Engravers Titling and from Riscatype, Engravers Title just to clear up my first guess, the pictures may not be in the correct order but you can see for yourself,

cheers John

image: SAM_1125.JPG


image: SAM_1124.JPG


image: SAM_1123.JPG


image: SAM_1122.JPG


image: SAM_1121.JPG


image: SAM_1120.JPG


All fine typefaces. I have the ATF mats for Engravers Roman Bold and I had Theo Rehak cast the 24 pt when he still had his foundry. The 24 pt size had been taken out of production by ATF probably in the 1960s.The W and M had a set width too wide for Theo’s 24 pt Barth caster, so he fired up one of his pivotal machines for those two letters.

Thank you John! It’s great to see all of the different variations of Engravers and from looking at the caps R, Engravers Roman is definitely the type I own so thank you for helping identify.

I just need to sort through the other 6 cases of jumbled type I own now and see what else there is to discover! I might be posting again shortly for some advice.