Letterpress Workshops at Penland School of Craft

Hey All, I wanted to list some of the upcoming letterpress workshops this summer at Penland School of Craft, in Penland, North Carolina. For more information please go to: https://penland.org/workshops/printmaking-letterpress/

JUNE 4–16, 2023
Rick Griffith
Extending the Printed Page
What do you do when the paper isn’t big enough, when the text isn’t small enough, or when the press needs to be bigger? Letterpress as a collage mechanism can be a profound exploration of scale and is ideal for creating larger-format works. In this workshop combining letterpress printing with collage and writing, students will learn how to improvise in multiple directions simultaneously and find balance between text, form, and process. Whether they bring a theme or choose to shoot from the hip, students will develop an intuitive practice and the ability to discuss what is happening in real time. We’ll cover techniques of typesetting, printing, collage, and image manipulation. All levels. Letterpress studio.

JUNE 18–30, 2023
Nicholas Silberg
Pressing Pixels
In this workshop students will learn how to make alternative matrices for letterpress printing using laser cutting/engraving and 3D printing. We’ll also use the 3D printer to make experimental letterpress tools and furniture and the laser cutter to make delicate cuts and perforations on finished prints. Students can choose to make a small edition of prints, a book, or a series of monoprints. We’ll cover software and tools for laser cutting and 3D printing as well as hand typesetting, ink mixing, Vandercook and platen press operation, paper choices, and basic bookbinding. All levels. Letterpress studio.

JULY 16–28, 2023
Joanne Price
Wood Engraving: Mighty Detailed Prints
Victorian-era wood engraving technique combines the miniature, fine detail of metal engraving and the speed of relief printing. In this intensive workshop, you’ll learn to cut your own images with incredible detail and print them in limited editions. Process, printing, and experimentation will be prioritized with instruction covering specialty engraving materials, creating and transferring images, tool sharpening, engraving, hand printing, two-color printing, and historical and contemporary context. Expect to finish three to six individual images and explore post-printing image manipulation/assemblage, collaboration, and a print exchange. This technique requires close-distance vision; please come prepared. Drawing experience will be helpful but is not required. All levels. Letterpress studio.

JULY 30–AUGUST 11, 2023
Ingrid Ankerson
Experimental Typography
With an emphasis on play, experimentation, and embracing the unexpected, we’ll dive into Penland’s collection of wood and metal type to create one-of-a-kind typographic prints and collages. Students will start by learning the basics of letterpress printing and then expand on traditional methods with repetition, masking, overprinting, and cutting and pasting to explore the unique visual potential of typographic forms. We’ll set type in the composing stick, in an angle chase, and using daredevil furniture. All levels. Letterpress studio.

AUGUST 13–18, 2023
Eileen Wallace
Ink, Paper, Wood
Using wood type and veneer, this workshop will develop a selection of letters, shapes, and images to create abstract compositions, modular designs, and/or text and image combinations. Wood type will be used for text but also to explore its potential to create patterns and shapes. We’ll cut our own designs in wood veneer, by hand and with the laser cutter, to be used modularly or in conjunction with wood type. The group will establish a set of individual and shared matrices that can be used in infinite combinations for broadsides and small prints. Instruction will include the fundamentals of letterpress printing. All levels. Letterpress studio.

Thank you,

Adam Leestma
Print & Letterpress Studio Coordinator
Penland School of Craft
[email protected]

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