1965 Kelsey Excelsior Mercury Model N 3 x 5 Printing Press

Pickup sale in Keysville, Virginia 23947. For Sale - Cost $600

This self-inking lever press was made by the Kelsey Press Company of Meriden, Connecticut in July, 1965 (picture shows how to determine age). This press has a length of 17.5 inches, width of 8 inches and height of 14 inches; its chase measures 3” by 5”. The press was purchased from the children of the original owner through an online auction. I thought my grandson would be interested in the press. He has shown no interest so I am hoping to find something in need of what I have.
The press moves as it should - as close to working order that I can attest to. Pictures show details of the press. If more pictures are needed please advise. The rollers are shown in their original box - they are not in usable condition, so new ones will have to be purchased. The two grippers are missing. Both are available online.
29 trays of metal type/1 tray of metal and wood spacers are included with details below. If additional information is needed, please ask. The individual trays are labeled by the original owner, so the information given is based on those details. If specific information is needed on the punctuation/symbols I can provide individually - some have more than others - . , : ; ( ) ! & $ #
Appears that lowercase has punctuation and capital letters include numbers 0 - 9. Trays are labeled with Scrabble tiles or color tiles so I can distinguish between the trays in order to give specific information on each one. Some trays are organized better than others - some trays have space under the dividers so the pieces slip under to the ones next to them - I started to organize, but that ended up being more of an undertaking than I anticipated. I did try to make sure all trays have all letters or numbers.
Accessories or extras included AA, AAA, & AAAA.

********Having trouble loading pictures. I can email them to you if you are interested. I have documented every detail in them but cannot load them. Grandson is coming this weekend and he can possibly help me. I have no problem emailing them straight to you. Sorry for the inconvenience right now.

Trays A - Blue tile are 12.5” square. Green tile tray is 15.5” square.
A - Tray of metal and wood spacers (12.5” square)

Tray of metal type:
B - lowercase - possibly 10 point Park Avenue (punctuation - spacers)
C - lowercase - 6 point Roman (punctuation - spacers)
D - capitals - 6 point Roman (numbers and spacers)
E - capitals - 8 point Gothic (numbers and spacers)
F - lowercase - 8 point Roman (punctuation - spacers)
G - same as F
H - capitals - 8 point Roman (numbers and punctuation)
I - capitals - 8 point???? (unclear of labeling) (numbers and punctuation)
J - capitals - 10 point Gothic (numbers and punctuation)
K - lowercase - 10 point Old Style (spacers)
L - lowercase - 10 point Italic (punctuation - spacers)
M - capitals - 10 point Italic (numbers, punctuation, spacers)
N - lowercase - 10 point Roman (punctuation - spacers)
O - capitals - 10 point 0.5 Roman (numbers, punctuation, spacers)
P - lowercase - 10 point Cable Light (punctuation)
Q - capitals - 10 point Cable Light (numbers, punctuation, spacers)
R - lowercase - 10 point Narrow (punctuation - spacers)
S - capitals - 10 point Narrow (numbers, punctuation, spacers)
T - capitals - 12 point Ave. (numbers, punctuation, spacers)
U - lowercase - 12 point Old English (punctuation, spacers)
V - capitals - 12 Old English (numbers, punctuation, spacers)
W - lowercase - 12 point Script (punctuation, spacers)
X - capitals - 12 point Script (numbers, $ .)
Y - lowercase - 12 point Heavy Roman (punctuation, spacers) bottom 4 sections of tray (far right) have a fancy flower design - like a fleur-de-lis.
Z - capitals - 12 point Heavy Roman (numbers, punctuation, spacers)
Red tile - lowercase - 14 point Heavy (punctuation, spacers)
Yellow tile - capitals - 14 point Heavy (numbers, punctuation, spacers) 2 different types on most/All Heavy appear to be there, an extra skinnier type in most - letters and numbers - not all/possibly belong in another tray
Blue tile - capitals - 18 point Heavy capitals (lots of numbers, punctuation, spacers)
Green tile - 3 different capital types
capitals - 24 point Brush Initials
capitals - 36 Bul ????? not sure of writing on tray - picture may give you more details on this tray
capitals - 36 point Airport ?????

AA - Metal & wood spacers, type from previous jobs that need to be sorted back into trays.

AAA - Original roller in box
3 (3 x 5) chases with print jobs still enclosed

AAAA - information is based on information I could find online - I hope it is helpful - pictures will probably be more helpful.
H. B. Rouse & Co. Composing Stick
Kelsey Co. Slug Cutter
4 Galley Trays

2 empty trays are included and some boxed business cards.

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