Champion Presses

Hey Everyone,
I have a line to purchase a Champion 10 X 15. My experience has mostly been with C&P presses. Can someone tell me how they compare? It has been restored but owner needs to liquidate his shop. Value? As good as C&P?

image: IMG_8502.jpeg


image: IMG_8501.jpeg


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Lighter weight than a C&P. Can’t handle bigger forms but easier to treadle. A bit awkward as the platen doesn’t open as flat as a C&P. This one looks well-preserved/restored. Usually the delivery board brackets are missing or broken. This one has a throw-off, mine don’t but they are smaller. What’s the asking price?
This is a true clam-shell type press with the platen hinged to the bed so it’s difficult to get the bed and platen parallel.