Need some help with a C&P from an Estate

I work for a law firm in Dayton Ohio. One of our clients passed away and we are in the process of helping sell some of her items the family has no interest in keeping. The husband passed away before our client some time ago. He was a printer and there’s a fantastic workshop in the basement. I’m not a printing enthusiast so I know little about all the items or their value. I took plenty of pictures though. From the info on this website I was able to ascertain the press is a Chandler & Price (Old Style) There also is a cutter made by “Michael” (?) and loads of various tools and dies etc. As someone who appreciates history and respects antiques I would very much like this to be in the hands of someone who will use it or take good care of it. If anyone is willing to help us figure out a fair and realistic value for all these items we would like to possibly arrange an auction here or maybe post it in the classifieds on this website. I’ve got several photos that will have to be emailed. I have many pictures around 370 kb in file size so unfortunatly they can’t be posted here. I would appreciate any help we can get with this. Also, if I can convince the family and the attorneys, I’d like for a portion of the proceeds to be donated to this site. I’m not promising anything, because it’s obviously not my personal property, but I think the previous owner would be happy with that decision. I’ll see what I can do.

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Updated. If you don’t mind… I would love to see the photos you took.

Thank you very much!

I would like to see them also. [email protected]

Updated. Photos and ANY description of items would be appreciated; any info concerning the “removal date” would be of interest also——-thank you! e-mail to: [email protected]

We are still looking for an Oldstyle C&P for a “living history” demo print shop in our town, so please notify me when you get more info or the photos.