Chicago letterpress shop seeks intern (paid position)

Starts mid-/late- September, 2023. 3-month term with possible transition to full time position. Housing available. $16/hr. If interested, please call or email for details.

• Assist in setting up a working letterpress print shop.
• Manage incoming material and outgoing waste.
• Assist in all aspects of printing, including the following activities:
• Trimming and cropping paper.
• Handling and mixing printing inks.
• Operating manual presses and automated presses.
• Distributing type.
• Handling finished prints.
• Running research errands and proofing copy.
• Proofing and cataloging samples of the type collection.

• Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
• Know your way around a California job case.
• Know your points, picas, and the number .918.
• Know how to mix, modify, and clean up ink.
• Know the difference between clean and dirty zones.
• Have excellent English language spelling and reading skills.
• Enjoy repetitive analog hand labor.
• Good at solving craft problems.
• Experience working in print or printmaking shops.
• Can work independently as well as cooperatively.
• Be tidy, organized, detail oriented, and mindful of safety procedures.
• Be ready to learn and take direction, and maintain a professional demeanor.

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