Equipment Disposal

The time has come for me to get serious about getting rid of my hoard. It will break my heart to take this equipment to the scrap yard if someone does not come to Little Rock and haul it off but that’s exactly what will happen to it before the year is out. If no price is mentioned in the description, then it’s free for the taking. I have a forklift so loading is not a problem unless you’re driving a semi-truck but I can deal with that too.

12 x 18 N.S. C&P. Missing ink disk and bracket for same. Serial No. D57298
10 x 15 N.S. C&P . Missing ink disc, impression lever, part no. 70 throw-off saddle, part no. 72 back connection to throw-off, platen. Serial no. C52289.

10 x 15 O.S. C&P. Missing platen, ink disk, impression lever and bracket. Serial no. 9952.

10 X 15 N.S. C&P. This press is complete and could be operational with the addition of rollers and a motor and light rust removal. The press had a feeder at one time but that has since been removed therefore the feed and delivery boards are homemade. Serial no. C63027.

Oswego Paper Cutter, 32 inch. Has blade but it has been ground to short but could be used for a pattern. The cutter would make an OSHA inspector poop his pants. At one time it was belt-driven and had a clutch. Apparently the clutch failed and has been rigged with a friction-type brake. It is operated by the hand wheel on the lower right.

Interlake single head stitcher. $100. Good working condition.
Sigwalt 5 x 8. $1000. Good working condition, rollers in very good shape.

For photos, contact me. John Horn - [email protected]

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