Stephanie Newman House Fire

Hello Letterpress Community,

One of our own, Stephanie Newman, of Bozeman MT experienced a house fire at the end of August. The electrical fire started in her basement which is where her letterpress studio was located. I’ve attached before and after photos…

As you can imagine the losses are unthinkable and Stephanie needs financial help! She taught me letterpress at Montana State University and many, many others in that program. If any of you have the funds to help her, please consider donating.

Here is the link:

image: StephanieStudio.JPG


image: 6EF8340C-327F-42A7-B00A-6351C8C1BB16.jpg


image: 2724D9FA-E816-4E81-8FD5-C483812F33A1.jpg


image: Stephanie_Christa.jpeg


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Does Stephanie know about CERF+ ? Do any of you know about CERF+ ? You should.

CERF+ is a great resource:

Grants for recovering after an emergency, plus resources on preparing your studio and planning ahead.