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Sell the Elrod

I have come to the conclusion that my dream of getting my Elrod machine up and running is not going to come to fruition! I thought that this was something that I would get to but as I approach my 80th year I see it’s not gonna be. So, anyone want a complete Model F Elrod machine?

This machine came from the company that I retired from and was used up until the early 90’s. It is complete, has the tool box and accessories. Looks like 13 different molds in the tank. It’s been sitting in the corner of my garage for about 20 years but is in good shape. It is dirty and in as is condition but I feel confident it could be brought back to life without too much trouble.

This will be pickup only! Not getting into shipping something like this. It’s a heavy machine, and requires some skill to move.

I am willing to give this to someone who wants to keep it alive and promises not to send it to the scrapper! Maybe you need it as a parts machine, that would be fine, I just don’t want it destroyed.

I am located in Eugene, Oregon.
Phone is 541-228-5083

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