Vandercook #2, Very Good, Original Condition

Helping a friend sell a very nice Vandercook #2 Proof Press, dating to the late 1930’s/early 1940’s. The press was stored in the upper floors of a box making company for many years and is in great shape with original paint and beautiful tags — has the ink plate which was often removed — stand is clean and very little oxidation on the bed. She bought this for hobby printing and has not put it to use.

Pictures will be posted soon (I am having problems posting — e-mail me for pictures)

This is located near Bethlehem, PA but I will be traveling to upstate NY in the next week or so. Might also be able to get someone local to skid for shipping.

The seller would like to get $1500-2000 for the press. She is open to offers, however, and wants to sell soon.

Let me know of interest.

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