Oil Holes?

On the topic of oil holes… Where the heck are those? I purchased a Craftsmen tabletop press myself and am in the process of getting it up and going.

The press, a Superior, has a few springs and parts have a “rust patina” on them. I recently downloaded a manual for a C&P, because the two models are so darn close, but it doesn’t show oil holes. So, my questions are:

Where are the oil holes?
What kind of oil should I use?
And should I just use an emery cloth on the “rust patina” parts and oil them to deter rusting?

All help is appreciated!


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Any smooth metal surface on a machine which rubs on, or slides on, or rotates in, another smooth surface, should have oil applied to it so that the metal parts do not actually contact each other, but always have a thin film of oil between them. This will greatly reduce the wear on the metal parts. This is true whether there are oil holes present or not. Often a manufacturer will put an oil hole in a critical area where oil should be, to hold some extra oil. This will also tell you where some, but not all, of the places are which should be be oiled. I would use nothing lighter than a number 30 motor oil. Heavier motor oil or gear oil would probably be better, depending on the application. If you think you put on too much oil because some of it it runs out, you probably didn’t put on too much. One of the puposes of lubrication is to flush contaminants out of the bearing surfaces, and it can’t do this unless it runs out occasionally. After it has run out, wipe it off with a rag. As far as frequency of oiling goes, always be sure there is enough oil to form that oil film. It is far easier to wipe off excess oil than to repair or replace worn parts on a machine for which parts are no longer available. Hope this helps.

It seems like it would be easy enough to get people who do a good job of maintaining their presses to help develop a list of various presses and at least say there are “x” oil holes to fill and “x” other places to oil.

That would give anyone at least a target to shoot at.

Thank you both!

Geoffrey: Very detailed and what I needed to know.

Wallflowers Press: That’s a brilliant idea! I hope that others agree!


Hi Jacqui,

I recently purchased a 5x8 Craftsmen. Did you solve your oil hole placement problem? I was wondering if you can share what you did with your press