printing with Linoleum cuts

I have a bunch of old linoleum cuts that I would like to print. THey are multi color blocks (for instance, one is two bells inside a solid oval. One block is just the oval background, the other is the two bells. ) I can’t figure out how to register them with out going through a mountain of scrap paper. Any linoleum savvy printers out there maybe can let me in on the mysteries of printing with linoleum cuts?

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1. Set up and print lightest colour first. Ensure your feed is precise for each sheet. Do not use tongue guages; use reglets (square edges= exact stops.)
2. Change out the first cut; lock-up second cut; change ink.
3. Remove previous reglet.
4. Take a piece of celluloid (many gift boxes have clear, light celluloid covers - save them) and tape it to the tympan.
5. Strike an impression on the celluloid.
6. Position your first impression under the celluloid so that it lines up in registration then tape it in place.

7. Glue reglet in place.
8. Remove celluloid, and tape from registration piece - and print away.

Saves much quoin/furniture adjustment, plus saves a lot of paper. In my opinion.