Mitre, Slug Cutter, Motors, Quoins +

Buyers are responsible for shipping costs. Photos are available for items listed. Please just email request. I am motor-illiterate, aka unaware of how or if they function. No prices listed. I’m hoping for fair offers and will be happier for anything to go to someone who’ll use it rather than scrap. Thanks.

HB Rouse & Co Mitre Kelsey Slug Cutter “Model W” Motor: Jos Weidenhoff-label reads “NO 108933, HP 1, RPM, 3600, AMP 6 12, Volts 110 220, Cycles 60, PHA 1, Type 18 2733”. Approx 70lbs Motor: Mergenthaler Linotype Co, New York, USA, Emerson Motor- Label offers “NO R86557, Type 9180PI, Volts 110, HP 1/3, Cycles 60, Speed 850, PH 1, For alternating current” Slotted metal shelf-fits on top of slanted worktop on double Hamilton cabinets. Mix of Kelsey, Challenge, & Hempel quoins-100 sets Various lengths of furniture Matrices- 300+, unknown typeface Spacers Various 6pt and 8pt metal typefaces Lectrojog office jogger Cutler-Hammer Motor Control

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