Challenge 26.5 Lever Cutter Questions

How in the heck do you get the chrome part of the lever handle out?
I would love to get it re-plated, is there a secret to it?

I was hoping someone could answer this as well?
I am looking to replace the guide tape measure on my cutter, it was broke in a move! So it has giving me a real headache to try and find a 5/8” flat metal tape measure to replace it. Any suggestions?

I have a buddy that I might take it to, who could possible Tig weld it back together, but if I could find a replacement that would be great.
It broke next to the clamp on the pole of the back guide.

Thanks Mike

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If it broke on the back side of the pole, try punching a hole in the center of the old tape, back about a half inch or so and putting a tension spring from the hole back to the pole screw.

No such luck !! Broke in the front… bummer
I think I am going to use some thin sheet metal and epoxy a short piece to it and clamp it up….. we will see
Thanks Mike