Double handled tabletop ID.

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I have and old tabletop press that I would like to know more about. There is no manufacturer or any other I.D. on the press. The only unusual things about the press are, the ink disk is bolted on and it has double handles. I’ll have to check but, I think the platen is about 6 X 9. From the type of casting, I would guess it to be from around 1930 to 1950. It’ s pretty rusty and the roller carriage is missing, it bolts on also.

image: old press_0.JPG

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This is one of the weirdest presses I’ve ever seen in all my press collecting days. The ink plate doesn’t rotate? Are you in the U.S.? If so, where did you find this press?

The ink plate has a center bolt, holding it on, but the disk turns like a pilot or other small press. I live in Ohio and picked the press up at a local auction about 10 years ago.

You might get in touch with Paul Aken and see if he’s got one like it but I don’t remember seeing one the last time I was there. (Paul’s pretty busy right now so be patient.)

Could it be a Frankenpress? Like someone had half of…. a pilot, no, a … something…. and a pile of tractor bits…

benj clark

Yes, that was my first thought but looking at it again, maybe not. I looked carefully at the casting under the platen and I can’t remember it looking like anything I’ve got. I’ll look at the photo again then go over to the shop while it’s fresh in my mind and go through all my presses again. Hey, maybe I could even print out the photo and take it over to the shop. Duh.