Gary Johanson, printer 

Pioneer Settlement Print Shop Florida Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts

The Settlement Print Shop is a working letterpress shop. Our presses are the common variety “Gordon” type vertical platen presses which were typical of the era we represent, 1890 - 1940. These types of presses were the workhorses of the “Jobber” printing industry since the War between the States.

We use two 8 x 12 Chandler & Price “Old Style” presses and one 12 x 18 New Style. We also have a growing collection of Kelsey presses. Our three presses are ready to print everything from raffle tickets, to the local newspaper, to the sunday Order of Service for the old church.

Currently under re-hab, we hope to open to the general public this spring.

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do you have a source that will still set Linotype