Addressograph Graphotype Machine

Hi everyone. I’m a newbie here. Once upon a time I worked with a group of printmakers and since I have rigging experience have helped in the moving of more than a few donated absolutely wonderful GOLDING presses. You guys get all the cool beautifully designed machines. (My welder doesnt have Gold pinstriping!) Just awesome- they’re fun to fix too!

I’m a sculptor- (metal) my interests are mostly mechanical in nature…however in my travels I have found a broken Graphotype Machine Model 6381. Its used for embossing plates for transfer printing on envelopes. It doesnt print just embosses. Mostly from 1940-1970’s.

Mine is pretty bashed. I am looking for one that is useable or for parts, for a new project I am currently thinking of doing. It can be in any condition. Parts, Pieces, Manuals, Etc. I am willing to travel for the right deal- or hopefully donation.

For compensation I can offer to do some repair (certified welder 10 years) or may have some printing machine parts (34.5 inch dia. flywheel [J.F.W DORMAN?] or rollers) to trade.
Contact me by email is best.
Thanks! Greg Albany NY

image: graphotype 6300.jpg

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I have one and have photos of it, and will let it go for $50.00. If you want pictures of it, I can send them to you.

Hello: I believe I have an Addressograph that you show in pic. And I believe it even works. It belonged to my late father-in-law. He used it to mail out football newspapers etc. I also have the machine that uses these metal plates and stamps the address. I used to help him mail out publications. I currently do not have a photo of it. These machines are in his basement that I am currently trying to clean out. He also has an AB Dick machine.
I have a large supply of blank metal plates and a large supply of used metal plates. I just happened on a whim to check on the internet to see if there might be a market and ran across your e-mail. I will get a photo next time I go to his house.

Thank You David,
I am still looking for these machines and their related equipment. Hopefully I will be able to find one within a days drive to pickup. Let me know what you’ve got. Greg

We need to find a home for 2 items that were used and left in our store. It’s a long story, but we are closing our showroom and we need to have an Addressograph 900 and a Graphotype 6381 picked up and off the premises by April 30th. The items are free. Please see attached photos.

Where are you located?

Hi Logan,
We’re in Madison,Wisconsin, but our 2 machines just were rescued today and have a nice new home. I’m sorry that I haven’t responded til now.Thank you for your interest though.