Heidelberg windmill 1965

I am visiting singapore and while looking for a handpress, I came across 2 Heidelberg letterpress for sale at 3000S$ (2000USD) each. I was wondering if this was a bargain. Any suggestion? They are in working condition.

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I am assuming you are talking about Heidelberg Windmills? Heidelberg made a number of cylinder presses as well.
For a windmill,$2,000 would be a good price if the machines were in excellent shape, and a standard price if they needed some attention. I see them go for $4,000 to $7,000 when in excellent condition. They are not particularly hard to come by here in the states though, so I can’t imagine that the cost would be worth it to move them anywhere outside of singapore.
If they are cylinder presses, the price is pretty good. A good Heidelberg cylinder can easily fetch upwards of $10,000 , but deals are still to be had on those from time to time as well.
If you are talking about keeping them in Singapore and setting up shop, then you may have found a good deal. Otherwise, moving presses gets expensive pretty quickly, so I would not bother trying to get them too far.

IF you do decide to ship them stateside, then you have a bit of an adventure in front of you.

If they are windmills, you will be renting a twenty foot container. The good new is that Singapore is the largest container port in the world. The bad news is that this is an expensive proposition. Expect to pay $1,000 minimum (USD) to have the presses packed and strapped and the container delivered to the docks. Expect another couple thousand to have it shipped stateside, and another grand to have it delivered from a container port to wherever you are on a Pacer Int’l chassis or something. There will be extras, taxes, ancillary fees, but hopefully no bribes. A freight forwarder can set it up, and can probably do it for under $5,000. It will be more if you are on the East coast.

If you are talking about KSBAs, you might just barely be able to fit both of them in a 20 foot container. They run about 2.6 meters long. If not, plan on renting a 40 foot container. Again, a freight forwarder can set it up. Expect to pay about 6-7 grand.

I have only seen numbers on Pacific container shipping a few times, so don’t take the above as an absolute truth…For all I know, you work in the shipping industry and Singapore is a business trip. Anyway, good luck!

Just wanted to add my own personal experience to what Natron and Littlerubberfeet posted.

I recently picked up a Heidelberg Windmill in Tokyo for only $700 in very good condition.

However, the total price for pickup and delivery outside of Tokyo within Japan was $1200 (the floor needed to be reinforced to handle a load of 1 ton which cost $600, and the set up for the electricity is going to be another $1,000). In the end, still a deal for me, but…

Thanks a lot for your answers.
The address is blk 50 kallang bahru 02-02 by the way if anyone interested to rescue them. I hope they will not end up in a scrapyard.

hi jclecard

do u have the contact number? i would love to save it :)

did a search but could not find the name of the company.

let me know