Backing options for photopolymer plates

I’m new to letterpress and have just started researching and learning about photopolymer printing. I’ve discovered the Boxcar Press website, but am still unclear about something..

Is it necessary to purchase a “Boxcar Base” (which start at $150., kinda pricey for a beginner), or is there a cheaper way? For example, could I adhere it to a block of wood finagle it in some way to make it type height?

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Of course you can use anything that will get your polymer type high. You can use a spray adhesive to attach the polymer to your block and depending on your press that should hold. The investment in the base will save you quite a bit of aggravation, especially if you are doing precise registration.

I strongley advise starting with
Order a 16 gauge Magnessium plate mounted on wood. This will save you a bunch of money in the beginning. Also, they give first time orderer’s a free plate.