Beaujon Press


Included in the 1982 edition of the International Register, the source of the online edition. Details.

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Beaujon Press was legally registered in 1960 and consisted of a Crown Quarto treadle-operated platen press (brand name Arab). The first publication was _Under the Bridge_ (1961) a collection of poems by Bruce Beaver, in a limited edition of 300 signed and numbered copies.

I should have said that the 1961 edition of Bruce Beaver’s poems was the first publication under the Beaujon Press imprint. Before that time the press had been known as Perpetua Press and had issued the 1958 edition of ARNA, the Journal of the Arts Faculty of the University of Sydney, as well as numerous ‘jobbing’ items such as theatre programmes and student publications.

The name was changed to avoid confusion with the commercial Perpetua Press in Britain, and to honour the great typographer, Beatrice Warde, who used the pen name Paul Beaujon when writing essays on typography(often for Stanley Morison’s _Fleuron_) in the 1930s.

I own the name Beaujon Press and it was first registered under my former name, John Cummings. Since my gender reassignment in 1986 it has been registered to my current name, Katherine Cummings.