12x18 C&P new style, portland OR

$1900, portland oregon
12x18 C&P new style letterpress for sale - good condition, new rollers, new motor, new pulley and new belt. it actually is a little TOO fast, so you’d need to get a variable speed motor to make it safer. there is some staining on the ink disc, but it never affected any of my prints in any way.
runs on 110V.
on a pallet for moving, but is NOT bolted down to pallet, so you’d likely need to do that.

* 7 chases
* 2 magnetic boxcar bases
* several dies for die cutting
* reglets + furniture
* several cans of rubber based ink (some may be a bit old)
* california wash
* tympan paper and packing
* other odds and ends for a print shop

is on a street level garage with no steps, so can be moved easily by professional movers. it is VERY heavy so you will need professional movers.
you are responsible for having it moved and i can give you the name of several reputable local movers who can move it.

located in SW portland, oregon.

cash or PayPal. will entertain other offers.

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