Kwik Print Foil Machine

This little workhorse (a Kwik-Print Model 25) will let you foil stamp monograms, names, etc. on to a variety of goods. I used this thing to make a lot of money personalizing the notebooks I design and sell with customer logos.

It looks an antique and it’s built like a tank, but I bought it new from a Kwikprint dealer in New York roughly 5 years ago. I added an automatic foil advance (moves the foil after each impression) and upgraded to a 2” type holder, which allows you to imprint artwork 2 inches tall by roughly 3 inches wide. These are both expensive upgrades and if you were that type of person, you could part this thing out, but I hope you’ll use it. It’s magical and even somewhat portable. I have taken it to craft fairs and done stamping on-site, which attracts a crowd and increases sales.

Only selling this Kwik Print because I upgraded again to an air-powered version of the same thing (a model 86, if you’re asking)! Comes with everything you see, including a starter pack of 2” foil in a few colors (gold, silver, copper, blue, and green), and the custom black walnut stand I made with storage for tools and foils. And some lead type you can use for words/monograms in a modern sans typeface roughly 12 pt. tall. More typefaces are available from the distributor, or you can get custom dies made from your artwork at a few sources I can share separately.

Located in Portland area - prefer to deal locally but I will ship within the US for cost (likely at least $100, this thing is heavy).

$800 obo.

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image: Kwik Print Model 25

Kwik Print Model 25

image: Logos Foil-Stamped on Notebooks

Logos Foil-Stamped on Notebooks