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Type-High Machine 87 May  MaynardNews
remove rollers to clean them? 98 May  bppayne
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2020 Laser Engraver... 58 May  AnnieW
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letterpress printed stationery 1713 May  old letterpress man
NEW Roller/Platen adjusting gauge!... 2716 May  ericm
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Photopolymer plate making in-house 1123 May  Greg Mitchell
Best foil to use on crane lettra 224 May  western411
A Spa Day for Wood Type 225 May  Paul Moxon
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This Old Kluge 228 May  scottbaldwin
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Letterpress Feature 151 Jun  western411
Query about a Model table top press... 31 Jun  toddspresstime
FRAUD ALERT 35 Jun  Albion_press
C&P vibrating roller  18 Jun  BComstock
C&P vibrating roller  69 Jun  parallel_imp
Hazards 612 Jun  Bruce cpd
Wood Type Cabinet Pricing 812 Jun  BillWhitley
Making a quoin? 913 Jun  ericm
Perf pins 815 Jun  b.biroscak
My home built Studio-Platen 6x9... 7919 Jun  Billy White
APA Border Relay Poster Collective... 119 Jun  dadofguads2
Free online: Printing on Oxford... 323 Jun  platenprinter
Vandercook 4 inker 324 Jun  hbpe
Multigraph Typesetter No 59 2924 Jun  thomas gravemaker
Rogersol LT Health Hazards 825 Jun  bppayne
Crooked precut paper 526 Jun  harrildplaten
Familiar With? 227 Jun  thomas gravemaker
Wondering if anyone can tell me... 1027 Jun  Old-Duff
more to do in letterpress 428 Jun  Geoffrey
4 color process on windmill 228 Jun  Geoffrey
Buying a refurbished Adana 8x5 71 Jul  thomas gravemaker
JL MORRISON model 3 J FLAT BOOK... 21 Jul  jhenry
Boxcar Press Swing Away Lay Gauge 51 Jul  bppayne
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Blotchy wood type face 34 Jul  rmiller021
Tempress Foil Attachment Manual... 36 Jul  donprints
Laser cut letters? 26 Jul  Arie Koelewyn