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6 amps at 100v, or 3 amps at 220v...28 Nov
Alan, do you mean the inking rollers...23 Dec
An unusual depth of knowledge. RIP SOS4 May
Blue rubber, use water miscible roller...6 Oct
Byrne, It was the Whiskey, of course19 Sep
doesnt look big enough for a 12x18...3 Mar
Don't have a source myself, but there...10 Aug
Fritz is a good dude, we all wish him...26 Jul
Gerald, relax man. Illegal aliens arent...9 Feb
Have had similar problem with a bad...3 Aug
her's a link...23 Aug
HI Bruce, TY- Very interesting info. I...10 Aug
Hi Todd, I mean the little spring...9 Aug
I don't think rails are adjustable or...2 Oct
I have a 12x18 C&P newstyle, for sale...11 Dec
I have a couple of Todd's rollers, they...23 Jan
It's 6pt copperplate light #3 (next to...19 Aug
I'd rather not disassemble a press...2 Jan
I'd suggest you talk to a machinist...9 Oct
Just did the same thing, on a press...3 Aug
last time i bought several big presses...12 Jul
Late to this thread, but YES, the...6 May
Merry Christmas to all18 Dec
Natalie, Sometimes I have thought I...14 Aug
Possibly too much ink, or too fluid9 Dec
SB Mazarin is a really nice face, does...22 Feb
Sounds at first thought like a roller...25 Jul
the little copper parts? jeweler's saw...30 Jan
Thomas, has this press been working...9 Dec
Too much ink, too thin ink, rollers set...15 Oct
we love you Fritz, you're doing good...9 Apr
When SOS is puzzled, you know it's...25 Aug