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I need some help with this type from europe20 Sep 18
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C&P 8x12 OS / Golding Pearl 11 with treadle 12 Aug 16
Babcock Optimus 8 Apr 16
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Zbang same, Hopefully the response was...28 Sep
Your type is likely end grain, a...4 Jul
Your casters are going to give you...10 Aug
You should talk to Scott Moore, your...21 Apr
You really don't want to machine...16 Mar
You might reach out Jill at Jilly Jack...8 Aug
Yes, you could damage the press and the...28 Jan
Yes plenty, they may not all be called...17 Oct
Yep, tighten the bolt 19 Mar
Yeah use copper 6 Dec
While i'm sure it could be done, the...6 Aug
Where are you located? I have a parts...30 Nov
What size press? In my experience...10 Jul
What kind of press do you have? Also...28 Jun
what is a set of these worth to someone?17 Oct
What exactly is wrong, it may be easier...18 Dec
What are your questions? Rob17 Apr
What are you wanting engravings...20 Nov
Were just up the road from you (well 2...31 Mar
Welcome to Indiana, where in Indiana...4 Jul
We process polymer plates all the time...10 Nov
We have cases in our shop with notes...10 Mar
Virgin Wood type and Moore Wood Type...23 Jan
V bits can get you closer to tight...4 Jul
Typically copper or magnesium are the...27 Feb
Those are covers for holes they can be...8 Mar
This press Is the ancestor of the...27 Nov
This plate maker is uses a burning...14 Feb
This is not composition it’s...9 Mar
They work really great, there are...8 Feb
They did this all the time back in the...15 Oct
These were designed for standard height...7 Dec
There are much cheaper ways to get your...23 Oct
The image needs to be fairly small, no...15 May
The C&P looks like a 10x15 or a 12x18...27 Apr
That looks like sign type, does it have...16 Oct
Sorry your having issues with...11 Feb
Shower pan liner from a big box...8 Jun
Scott Moore will occasionally sell type...17 Mar
Scott Moore makes them...23 Jul