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I just gave it a good wipe, removed the...5 Nov
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I am Edinburgh based and run courses...24 Nov
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Caslon Limited still sells the manual...26 Nov
Alan May in the UK built the press for...28 Nov
Elisa, I understand you're based in...7 Dec
Caslon still seems to have the manual...11 Dec
a photo maybe?7 Jan
Museum Meermanno Westreenianum (museum...19 Jan
Lettergieterij Tetterode was one of the...21 Jan
I do work with gold and silver powders...23 Jan
Sprinkling it on the ink disk will...24 Jan
An Adana 8 x 5 would be a good press to...27 Jan
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What Basil didn't mention, is that this...22 Feb
Contact Caslon for all spare parts of...3 Mar
what's the size of that card?9 Mar
How about a Bembo Italic or a Centaur...10 Mar
here it is Bembo and Centaur10 Mar
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Sorry about the quality of the image...10 Mar