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Let it sink.13 Jan
What about waxed paper?23 Jul
Congratulations Emily, I ran into a...23 Jul
Thank you, I will look into these.23 Jul
After some steel wool, fine sand paper...15 Sep
Where are you located? There is a...15 Sep
Completely disassembled and on it's way...15 Sep
Could you please tell me where the...20 Sep
I am no master printer in any sense...20 Sep
after being disassembled.23 Sep
Sounds good. I'll try that first.23 Sep
The platen is slightly pitted.(I have...23 Sep
Good to know.23 Sep
Awesome video!23 Sep
I am soaking the small parts in Evapo...23 Sep
Trying out the "electrolytic rust...24 Sep
Post it!!!! Post it!!!! Post...24 Sep
Here are the Photos of the...25 Sep
Sounds like a good biz card press.25 Sep
Good luck, and have FUN!!25 Sep
Make sure to keep the red, or positive...27 Sep
I used a ten amp battery charger on the...28 Sep
These are wonderfull! Thank...1 Oct
Here it is!!!27 Oct
Thank you everyone! And a very...31 Oct
.31 Oct
Yes, post pics.31 Oct
Driving nails?2 Dec
fish lips- Sorry, I haven't checked...12 Sep
One more thing- Would anyone like to...12 Sep
2 Dozen?! That is great! Can't wait...12 Sep
Here they are. Sorry about the glare.13 Sep
Thanks! I'll take that into...13 Sep
No. It is slightly pitted though. I...13 Sep
Here it is!15 Sep
Thanks!17 Sep
Yes it is. I actually didn't prime it...18 Sep
Hi, Enriquevw! It makes me feel a...19 Dec
Thanks, Todd! I just got my...19 Dec
@enriquevw Glad that you are making...23 Dec