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redball windmill 14 Dec
What is the guy going to do if you do...15 Dec
Thank you both!29 Dec
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Thanks Daniel. They are all from...4 Jan
Thank you for all your thoughts and...6 Jan
I had all the suckers open. Its been a...7 Jan
How much would I be able to do by...9 Jan
I'm located in Philly, and the press is...11 Jan
I mainly purchase PMS ink for jobs, and...12 Jan
Thank you so much Marianne! I am hoping...13 Jan
vinegar/lemon juice?25 Feb
Thank you both for the advice.26 Feb
What is the easiest way to get a drip...15 Mar
.18 Mar
A paper cutter similar to this will...4 Aug
I've had zero problems with the...6 Aug
That is a nice looking press. 14 Sep
I have tried punching it out- no luck....4 Oct
nice i will try that. i think it is...4 Oct
thanks mob. ill start wd-40ing. i have...4 Oct
my back is feeling it now! it wears you...26 Oct
i am3 Nov
Thanks for the responses, and the...5 Apr
Good to know. Thanks Paul. Good luck...6 Apr
I use varnishes from Van Son.25 Apr
contact a local sheet metal shop. you...25 Apr
Two things. Make sure your water is...15 Jun
Ive printed on black 2 and 4 ply museum...15 Jun
You could just clean your rollers...22 Mar
I use P200. Ready to use label Glue....26 Apr
Thanks Peter.18 Feb
I also order everything from...6 Sep
It is the self destructing lever... I...5 Feb
You can get the embossed look by...13 Mar
Exactly- their example is a deboss, but...13 Mar
Make sure your rails are type high and...15 May
Cleaning the press doesnt take that...22 May