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You should find a local print shop or...24 Aug
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You just need to find the right...24 Aug
You have the gist of it correctly. You...23 May
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You could try Center for Book Arts, but...8 Aug
You can letterpress on top of pretty...17 May
You can get them from Fritz at NA...30 Jul
You can get Savoy from...24 May
You can get away without the pre-cut...30 Dec
You can buy Strathmore online at...26 Apr
You can also try setting up a Google...21 Mar
You can also put some on your ink...15 Oct
You are correct, and I picked that up...5 Dec
Yes. Start with transparent white and...21 May
Yes. It was a little spotty as well, so...2 Dec
Yes.21 Oct
Yes, you definitely seem to be missing...26 Jun
Yes, watch your scuffing. I've run some...13 Jun
Yes, transparent white looks very...16 Aug
Yes, the KF95 is plastic-backed for the...4 May
Yes, photopolymer plates from Boxcar....5 Aug
Yes, letterpresspaper.com has Lettra in...15 Apr
Yes, I've done envelopes. 8 May
Yes, I'm on a Mac. I tried it from my...6 Dec
Yes, I'd love to get another...8 Nov
Yes, I think I understand what you...15 Jul