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Well, I only have this week to get...22 Aug
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Is there a photo or series of photos of...25 Aug
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We made it home safe! Now to move it...28 Aug
Thanks for the encouragement—from...17 Sep
Thanks! :) I'm not going to scrap...17 Sep
Hern lists both OS and NS models as...17 Sep
Do you have the parts book that came...18 Sep
Nice. I'll keep you in mind while I'm...18 Sep
So, I'm kind of coming back to this...19 Oct
Thanks! Now to scour teh internets for...24 Oct
Oh oh. I'd love some photos! I'm...24 Oct
Thanks, Mike. I'll do a search for that...16 Jan
Yes, there is currently a Kluge...6 Feb
I'd definitely recommend airbrushing...2 Oct
It's just a regular C&P New Series...3 Oct
I'm also a freelance graphic...3 Oct
True! Thanks for the encouragement...3 Oct
@Greg - I've been in touch with him...4 Oct
Yes, please share! :)4 Oct
I'm rather far away from PA, though...7 Oct
Thanks! That helps a lot. :)8 Oct
I said I'd post some photos, so here...9 Oct
Thanks so much for the trial-and-error...11 Oct
I can't seem to find a copy of a manual...16 Oct
Isn't there already a thread about...17 Oct
My thought is their Luxe cards could...17 Oct
Thanks, Daniel! :)20 Oct
Awesome. Do you have a photo of what's...23 Oct
Great! Pickin' up washers tomorrow. I...23 Oct
Moving this to a new discussion.23 Oct
Thanks, Bob! I don't loath the paint...24 Oct
I'll probably be using more...24 Oct
What size is your press? Is it an...24 Oct