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Mind your p’s and q’s13 Dec 18
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103801/E is .918" type height, (E) and...9 Feb
1840 to 1850 range. we have similar in...2 Jun
a few things to keep in mind: The keys...29 Jul
a quick background which may be of...25 Aug
Actually in your case grease or liquid...17 Oct
almost forgot , NO central lubrication...18 Sep
any auto paint supply or industrial...23 May
Baffed pinion and cam gear. If you...16 Oct
Bob is correct. Its a Westman & Baker...23 Jan
Bob's correct. Its a New Style Gordon...29 Jul
check the gear-side that the...9 Sep
collar is bad. Sometimes you cannot...19 Dec
correction sorry its a #4 not a # 5 30 Jun
do you have any more photos of the LG?...4 Mar
Easier. Make sure the platen is in a...12 Sep
forgot to provide email. Its...28 Jun
glad the info was helpful Louis.11 Feb
Glad you found it. The nameplate is the...1 May
Good luck with the restoration. We did...4 Mar
Good point. Should have mentioned that....1 Feb
GT "bushings" - not bearers- are...30 Jul
guide and stop (for two-up attachment...7 Apr
have you tried google? Jardine platen...14 Sep
Hello Christa - I posted a message on...10 May
Hello phase4 and Dan, Our platen is...2 Sep
hence my reply. He has 220 V single...18 Aug
here is a photo of ours. Its a floor...1 Sep
Here is the little princess8 Feb
here's another photo14 Aug
here's some photos of the Potter30 Apr
Hi Adalbert, Thanks for the nice...18 Jul
Hi Bob and fellow Platen lovers. We did...4 Oct
Hi Bob, Ours is 9 x 12" and serial...30 Apr
hi Brad, correct. But I assumed the...17 Aug
Hi David, I'd suggest working through a...17 Oct
hi EJ, we have 4 really late model T's....17 Jul
Hi Jack, Good luck with the press. If...24 Jul
Hi John, Can you send me a couple...29 Jun
Hi Marit, These were made by lots of...8 Dec
Hi Mike. With both the under arm and...14 Aug