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160 F -180F28 Feb
2 pt Type was cast by Typefoundries...14 Apr
22 x 30 on this machine is measured in...27 Sep
220 is Hot , neutral and Ground, but...16 Aug
3 is Weiss Title, 19 Jul
3M makes a heat set Tape (444) which...7 Jun
48 is kinda rare in Foundry or even...28 Feb
A 10 x 15 is a Heidelberg Tiegel...7 Apr
A Boardcutter is used to cut chipboard...19 Oct
A Broadsheet in my Book is an uncut...4 Jan
A dear Friend and rare Soul ascended...1 May
A Good Welder can braze this with...28 Mar
A Heidelberg T Platen is 10 x 15 inches...3 May
A Hound for Baskerville, there is...5 Jan
A Hound for Baskerville, there is...5 Jan
A Local Company to me, which products I...5 Dec
A Press proof is a complete copy of the...17 Jan
A special type of Intaglio, Gravure...24 Feb
A Vandercook was originally intended as...22 Jan
A/d/s system with high end A/d/s...3 Nov
Aaron, I was recently ask to show a...25 May
Aaron, you want to know once and for...4 Jun
Absolute.3 Sep
Actual Lead type and Digital Type track...24 Nov
AdLib press got it, these allow allow...14 Dec
ADLIB, keep in mind the ARM NYC said...24 Apr
Alcohol will dry out Polyplates and...21 Jul
Also Alivon , www.jb-alivon.com FIne...24 Jan
Also Alivon , www.jb-alivon.com FIne...24 Jan
Also ink, you want an even thin layer...12 Jun
Also see http://www.eckart.net/6 Sep
Amsterdam, ATF, Stempel, Bauer, Wagner...15 Jul
An average college educated Chinese...24 Jul
An hour to engrave a 6x8 " plate, if...10 Oct
and you still need a nickel wire which...3 Nov
Anderson Vreeland, they call it MATAC...31 Jan
Anodized Alu is a electro chemical...22 Feb
Any Cylinder Press has a gripper edge...3 Sep
Any Imagesetter uses a RIP (Raster...16 Nov
Any Plate with a raised surface is...2 Oct