Workshop for Letterpress Printing & Type Studies

Registered5 Mar 08
ProprietorJens Jørgen Hansen, bogtrykker
Record keeperbogtrykkeren
AddressNorregade 85
Holsted DK-6670

The Workshop has a well equipped composing room with more than 200 cases of wood, Monotype and foundry types, an A2 flatbed press from J.G.A. Eickhoff, Copenhagen 1963, an A5 table top platen from A. Hogenforst, Leipzig appro. 1880 & an Adana 8x5.
As a special recourse to the Workshop, there is a large collection of Type Specimens, periodicals and books relating to the history of letterpress printing, typography, type design and casting of printing types.


image: The composing room.jpg

The composing room.jpg