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So named because it sits in the basement next to the washer & dryer, which are intermittently abandoned in favor of more creative pursuits. I print in my limited spare time, creating small edition artists books, large and small broadsides, and note/post cards. I use old wood type, lead type, and a little collection of lovely wood and lead blocks.

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I recently had some work accepted by the curator of a new arts-based retail store here in Maryland. 15 sets of overprinted notecards in two sizes. I used antique wood and metal type representing the letters as graphic images rather than symbols for sounds. Also 10 blank notebooks with covers printed on black photographic paper (with black ink). The covers were then mounted on board and the interior pages (made of upcycled ledger paper from the thrift store) were bound with screw mounts or black waxed linen thread. My first commerical venture!