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ProprietorThomas Gravemaker
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Address17-19, rue Beautreillis
F-75004 Paris France

I have been involved in letterpress printing from early age on. After having been inactive for many years, I have bought presses, type and equipment and have started printing again. My aim is to work closely with artists and writers and publish limited editions.

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Dear Mr Gravemaker,

I am Scottish born recently living in Paris, very keen to learn about letterpress. I came upon your profile and was wondering if you would meet with me briefly?

I am a photographer and wanted to document the design and creation process of letterpress stationary.

(may be with a video such as…. )

I’m not sure if that interests you, you would be welcome to use the images for your own marketing purposes.

my website is …

VERY best Jamie A Cowan

Bonjour de Mexico Thomas!
I’ve been thinking about you because I ran the first print with my Kelsey Excelsior yesterday! Just wanted you to know. I wrote a couple of emails back in sept-oct but don’t know if they reached you.
Many thanks for introducing me to letterpress printing!