Jefferson Clifton, user name - jeffclifton115

Good afternoon,

I am not sure where to put information like this, but I wanted to inform the community that there is a user that is perpetuating a common scam among people that are selling items in the classifieds on this site. I would like to warn anyone who does business with this particular individual jeffclifton115.

He offered to buy my press, which was good, and payment was to be by certified cashier’s check, which is normally fine. However, the check was not going to be made out to the correct amount, and he wanted me to wire the remainder of the funds back to him via Western Union.

I wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention simply because this is a scam, either the check is stolen or fake, and once the bank finds out that it is not a valid check, they take the money back out of your account, but you have already wired the funds, leaving you short hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars. I wish that these scams didn’t work, but the truth is that the people doing the scams wouldn’t if they didn’t pay off. I am adding the exact text from my emails with this user as documentation.

First Email ——————————————————————————
My name is Jefferson ,i saw your advert placement on the internet about your item i am highly interested in it Due to the fact that it’s been a long time i have been searching for ,I have a shipper who takes care of all my shipment,shipping will not be any problem,but before payment will be made i need to be sure of who i will be dealing with if you are going to be honest and sincere throughout the start kindly signify with the necessary answers to the question in mind, 1. Are you the real owner of the merchandise ? 2. How long has it been yours? 3. What is the present condition?i can read about the condition before sending you my message just need to know the present… 4. your final asking price ? Furthermore I will like you to know that the form of payment is through a Certified Cashier’s check if you are ok with that kindly get back to us.


Second Email ————————————————————————-
Hello John Macon ,

Thanks for getting back to me, so all i need from you now is honest, really i need to ask some question about this item 1. Can you wire the rest funds on check to my shipping company? 2. Can you wire it through western union or money gram? So what is there is that don’t worry yourself about shipping of this item because i have my own shipping company that will come for the picking of the item from you when the check clears, so like i said in the early that all i need from you is honest, when you get the check just deduct your money and wire the rest funds to my shipping company for the item pick up fee? 3. Kindly provide me your full contact details of where you want the check to be sent to asap.



Of course, knowing this scam, I did not fall for it, but I also wanted to make sure that no one else did either if at all possible.

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Anyone who has been online for more than 10 minutes could see this is not a real offer. The question is why write back in the first place? All it does is encourage the scammers to keep trying. The way they will stop is if they never receive a response.

I received this same email and turned it in as a scam. His email will be blocked from the Briar site in the future.