Golding enthusiasts, my new Jobber Art Series No 18

Just wanted to share a couple of photos of my new No 18. It’s about 95% done. I still have to finish the power. I am having a wood crowned pulley turned by a friend. I may also need to have a new belt made, but, I am waiting for the new pulley to verify exact length required. This one has all the bells and whistles. It was one of the last to be manufactured sometime around 1916-1917. The most intriguing feature to me is the adjustable truck rails. You can have a fixed size truck and roller and with the turn of a wrench adjust the contact of the roller to the type by raising or lowering the rails. Any deficits to my printing output will not be a result of inferior equipment!

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Golding No 2
Golding No 9
Golding No 11
Golding No 18

image: Copy of 100_2919.JPG

Copy of 100_2919.JPG

image: Copy of 100_2922.JPG

Copy of 100_2922.JPG

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That is amazing! Just beautiful!

That’s one of the four roller Jobbers, correct?

It is easily the nicest I have seen.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Hey Daniel, Good to hear from you. I have progressed a bit since looking for the treadle for the CMC Jobber!

Yes, she has the four rollers, the oscillating duplexer below the bed, and of course the full ink fountain. The ink ductor roller can’t be seen because it is off to be recast. From information found online, I believe she is a type “C” It just has some damage to the upper right double roller hook. The hole where you grab it to remove the roller is broken off. Do you know of any No 18 parts presses?




This is awesome! Wow, 4 rollers. It almost reaches the ceiling.

PS. the Transformers movie should’ve included one of these :-)



Hi Thomas,

Funny you should say that. My 28 year old son thinks it may have rudimentary digestive organs and not to turn my back on her!


Hello John,
I doubt you will find a #18 parts press. You could contact Mike Anton to see if he is aware of any parts or has some. If you want to repair it you might just have someone braze material on to the broken part and cut it back with a Dremel to the correct shape. Mike had his machinist do this for the roller arms on my Golding Pearl Oldstyle #1.

Mike’s site:


What a great press to have. I know where there’s an Art Jobber 21. It needs a lot of TLC though as I think it’s been through a fire and I know there’s some damage. I’d love to get a hold of it, but I’ve got no place to put it. The person who has it now wants to just spay paint it and make a display out of it.