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Happy new year! I’m interested in taking a beginners’ letterpress workshop. Ideally it would be located in Connecticut where I live but I’ve done some searching and have come up empty handed. Do you know of any opportunities in CT? I would also be willing to travel to MA or NYC for a weekend intensive course if that was recommended.

I know nothing and am willing to work with an experienced printer who wants to share her/his knowledge if that is my best bet.

Thanks for your time.

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check the yellow pages on this site, you might find something close to you, i know excelsior press in new jersey will do classes, alan is a good teacher (for an old guy), if you can’t find anything close, i’m in southeastern massachusetts and would be happy to help you. dick g.

Hi, I just joined this site and I too am looking for a beginner workshop and as jannaw said, I am coming up empty handed. Dick, would you be willing to teach me? Carla

Oh, I am also in CT.

In Massachusetts: John Barrett ( offers courses for beginners in Chicopee. Also, the Museum of Printing in North Andover ( will have a Spring program schedule up before long.

My wife and I artists that operate a small fulltime business that includes a letterpress shop in Lyme, CT and would be happy to help if the location is convenient. I am not a seasoned professional, but, have a good working knowledge and operate 4 Golding presses. We print, die-cut and operate a Ludlow typecaster. We use polymer, copper/magnesium dies, handset, and the Ludlow castings in our work. Products produced are mainly note cards, gift enclosures. We have a artist studio above the shop and other artists come to paint every tuesday. You can email us if interested.

carla, i would be willing to teach you, my wife and i operate a letterpress shop in hanson, ma, we set hand type, lots of ludlow type and run kluges, heidleburg windmills, and c&p presses, my wife also teaches knitting and weaving and spinning classas, we work from our home, contact me if interested. dick g.

John and dickg - Thanks for posting your offer. This is helpful to know. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with others in this way, there is a category in the Printer's Yellow Pages for tutors and also for schools/classes. Please consider submitting a listing so others can find you more easily using the “Browse by location” capabilities of the site.

Hello to all:
I have a small invitation business and have recently discovered the beauty of letterpress. After extensive research via internet, there doesn’t seem to be any centers on the Island for me to learn this technique. I am eager to have a hand’s-on experience thru courses and workshops to see how I can incorporate this technique in my business. I found two (2) invitation business on the Island, that sell letterpress invitations, but they are resourced out to CA. So, I guess invitation-wise, no one really works this technique in my area. I am willing to fly into the US to take workshops, but they would have to be no longer than one or two weeks. If anybody has any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!


There is a bunch of classes advertised in the “Classifieds” section of Briar Press:

Perhaps if you could line-up two classes back-to-back, it would make your trip worthwhile.

Thanks! I think that’s a great idea! I’m looking at classes in NY. Would love to see first-hand the Original Heidelberg machine, although the Vandercook presses also interest me. Lets see what I can find.

Thanks again,


I too am in Connecticut and while I don’t do formal classes or take money for anything of the sort I’m always willing to teach, chat, help out or in any other way promote the black art.