William Amer, printer 

William Amer’s PressedLetters Private School of Letterpress Printing

for the very beginner to the advanced student. Hand-setting, half tones and colour effects, make-readies and hand platen operation. Held over 2 days, intense, hands-on practical work. All materials supplied, includes light meals, $450.00 per person. Classes of 1 or 2 people.

COURSES in Ludlow; advanced hand-setting; machine maintenance; proofreading and copy holding; trade calculations each for paper, typesetting; costing, estimating; bindery operations; raised printing/Virkotyping; cutting and creasing; numbering machine operation and maintenance; and modules designed around particular tasks. See also our Classified advt on Briar press.

Bookings being taken all year round for Letterpress 101.2
Dates to suit the prospective student. See our moving pictures

image: Ludlow, pre-CD.jpg

Ludlow, pre-CD.jpg